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Fox Island and Seward Alaska - Grandeur and Beauty

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There is no place in the world so awe inspiring as the Alaskan coast line as it curvesaround the Gulf of Alaska in North America. Not too far from Anchorage, the capital cityof Alaska, lies Resurrection Bay, home to the Port town of Seward and a very unique islandcalled Fox Island.


One of the most popular forms of tourism in Alaska, besides fishing, hunting and Cruiselines is Sea Kayaking. As you paddle your Kayak across the sea to explore the inlets ofislands you gain a unique appreciation of the grandeur and beauty of this land.

Gliding silently across the water you are more likely to have intimate encounters with localspecies as they exist naturally in their habitat and you begin to get a feeling of onenessand a deep respect for the delicate, graceful sea life and the rugged, silentcoastline.


Escape to an Alaskan Adventure

Sea Kayaking is a perfect way for active and fit vacationers to take on a new kind ofadventure. Previous experience is not necessary! With a few basic instructions and somepractice in shallow water with an experienced guide, you'll be a kayaking expert in amatter of a few hours.

Once you have got the hand of paddling a sea kayak, take it out with a group and a guideto Fox Island. The trip to is approximately 14 ocean miles long from Seward. It seemslike a lot, but on the water in a kayak, it goes by quite quickly.

There will be so manyexciting and interesting creatures and features to observe along the way. Some tours takeyou to the island and once there, you take kayaking tours around the island. This may bea good option for people who want to start out slow!

Once you reach Fox Island, you will discover that you really are out in the middle ofnowhere. The island's electricity is generated exclusively by wind and solar powergenerators. There are no televisions, radios, phone lines, internet connections or anyother devices to distract you from the beautiful island and its surroundings.

The Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge on the island hosts travelers with perfect activities,accommodations and gourmet, local food favorites like salmon to compliment the Alaskanatmosphere. Nearby is a pebble beach where you can build a campfire as the sun sets onthe bay.


Fox Island Wildlife

You can't spend an hour on Fox Island and not see active creatures enjoying theirecosystem. While you are in your Kayak exploring, you may come across humpback whalesswimming in the deep water of the Bay.

Sea otters and sea lions are not uncommon here andmost are completely unafraid of humans so they may come very close. It's best to be stilland observe them respectfully. It's not an experience you will soon forget!

Bald Eagles are not uncommon here and you can see them swooping down to catch fish,soaring high in the sky or just sitting regally in a tree. There are many other differentkinds of sea birds such as puffins, guillemot and gulls. At low tide on the shoreline orfrom your kayak you can observe vividly colored sea stars clinching to rocks withdifferent types of seaweed, some edible.

Also, if you choose to hike on Fox island, youmay observe a fox or two. Foxes used to be raised on the island for their fur,fortunately this business went bust in the 30's .



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