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When the stress and drudgery of daily life gets to you and you find your mind wandering away to a warm, white sand beach with crystal blue water. It's time for a Puerto Rico vacation. Relax and unwind in a hammock strung above the sand in the shade between two palm trees, swaying in the tropical breeze or in a lounge chair facing the water as you drench yourself in the glorious sun. With over 270 miles of coastline, you are sure to find your perfect spot on the beach.


Active Puerto Rico Beaches

The active beaches are most suited to leisurely travelers and to family. They are easy to access, popular and usually play host to all kinds of activities or visitors to enjoy on their vacation.

Rincon Bay is located on the westernmost tip of the island, so this location is great for catching a dramatic, tropical sunset.

Crashboat is located near the charming town of Aguadilla which has a very distinctive Mediterranean feel about it. This is the kind of beach were you come to enjoy the scenery and the sun, as the water is not especially suited for swimming.

Isla Verde is a busy beach for residents. It has a wonderful park like atmosphere as friends and families come here to meet and spend time together. There are lots of recreation opportunities available here as well as shopping and accommodations.

Shacks Beach's claim to fame is idyllic winds. It is located on the western portion of the island were the Atlantic meets the Pacific.

Luquillo has been a popular and well loved beach for generations. The view here is spectacular to say the least, as you look down the long crescent shaped show lined with lush palms to the mountains towering above the rainforest in the distance.


Secluded Puerto Rico Beaches

If you are willing to take a longer trip to an area without as many amenities, you will be rewarded with lasting beach experiences. These are not typical or boring. They are some of the most stunning beaches on the whole island, alive with local culture and wildlife.

Cana Gorda near Guanica is a busy beach, frequented by tourists and residents alike. Houseboats are a common site here and it hardly ever rains so your chances of having a great beach experience during your stay dramatically improve!

Flamenco has been dubbed “the best beach in AmericaE It is accessible yet at the same time it is secluded and relaxing. If you are looking for an escape, this is it!

Seven Seas near Fajardo on the northeast portion of the island is a comfortable beach that is also a great place to do some snorkeling is its shallow water. The waves are not too strong for swimmers, but the winds make it great for sailing and windsurfing. This is a favorite spot for camping as well.

Ballenas has something different to offer! If sitting in the sun is not your thing, this is the beach for you. As part of Guanica's dry forest area, it is a wonderful place to see the local wildlife, some of which are endangered species that find sanctuary in the bay.

There are numerous species of bird here, as well as sea turtles that nest on the beach and manatees that breed in the water.


Blue Flag Beaches

The Blue Flag program is an independent non-profit organization that evaluates beaches for standards of water quality, safety and services, environmental education and environmental management.

The details of the evaluation criteria is strict and rigorous, providing, in the end, a positive beach experience for the people that come to enjoy their day there and for the wildlife that hosts them.

All blue flag designations are awarded a season at a time, so ever year the beach is re-evaluated for compliance. Currently in 2007, Carolina Beach in Carolina, Excambron Beach in San Juan, La Monserrate, Luquillo Beach in Luquillo and Punta Salinas Beach in Toa Baja all qualify for this distinction.  


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