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Island Getaways - Kauai The Garden Isle

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The Island of Kauai is appropriately nicknamed the garden isle. It nourishes a tropical paradise in its fertile volcanic soil and manages to keep it lush with abundant rainfall every year.


Hike a stunning rainforest trail in the morning, gaze deeply into the vast Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific in the afternoon and stroll down romantic beaches in the evening.

Its diverse topography has a lot to offer and you will find that most of Kauai is not accessible by car. Most of the island has been preserved in its natural state for the world to enjoy. Rent a car, hire a taxi or hop on a tour bus to get to your destination and after that, it's just you and Mother Earth.

Active and athletic vacationers searching for unique experiences will find them in the diverse landscapes of Kauai. You can soar through the treetops like a bird on a zipline, hike the long trail along the isolated northern Nepali coast and explore the Wet and Dry Caves of Haena.

Families and more laid back travelers will enjoy the gentler hikes available with the same gorgeous views of native attractions, such as waterfalls, flowers and tropical birds. Huleia National Wildlife Refuge alone is home to 31 species of birds.

Take a drive and watch the Spouting Horn spray ocean water 50 feet into the air as the waves come crashing in. There are city parks and gardens to relax in, or you might take a boating excursion to Fern Grotto. Then, catch a luau in the evening, the perfect way finish off a perfect day.


Spiritual Energy

It is said the Island of Kauai is filled with abundant life and a deep spiritual energy. The native inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands, like other cultures in the world, believe in the concept of mana, a spiritual energy or power that exists in people, places and objects that can be a source of healing.

Some areas of Kauai are reputed by many as having higher levels of this spiritual energy than other areas. But all who have felt the energy here will tell you the island is alive with it.

A complete range of alternative medicine resources can be found on Kauai, from acupuncture, art therapy, breathe therapy, crystal healing, energy therapy, flower essence, holistic health, intuitive guidance, kinesiology, massage, meditation, naturopathy, psychic healing, sacred healing and stress healing.

There is no other place in the world as nurturing and conducive to healing and relaxation as Kauai.


Island Accommodations

Depending on your taste and budget you can find any accommodations to suit you. Luxury resorts, budget hotels and everything else you could want in between is available on Kauai. Find yourself in a charming bed and breakfast that will cater to your aspirations for privacy and romance. Rent a home, quaint cottage or a condominium if you're the kind of traveler who prefers the comfort and convenience of home away from home.

The islands largest city, Lihue is centrally located to most activities and is also where the airport is located. Most accommodations will be found in that city. But if you want to get a taste of the cultural Hawaiian experience, travel south to Poipu, once the exclusive playground of Hawaiian royalty.  


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