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Jul 20, 07 04:43 PM
Submitted by Jean-Guy nolet:

Great road trip to island near Québec city

Let me tell you about a great road trip if you are visiting Québec city. It is the road around the L’Île d'Orléans Island an amazing drive experience most tourists do not even know exist. You got great dining in some of the best restaurant of the region. Moreover, if you want to stay for a while they got some fine hotels of the region. In the summer, you can get Strawberry straight from the field. They got museum and all sort of Art Galleries and Boutiques. You can even take a cruise on the Saint-Lawrence River. Play a round of golf in one of the two golf courses. But just for the car ride it is well worth your time. It is less than a five minutes drive from Québec city. You will not regret this road trip. For a drive, experiences you will not forget take the road to L’Île d'Orléans.

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