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Jul 20, 07 10:13 PM
Submitted by Wade Brice:

New york Historical Society Museum

The museum houses a great variety of collections, concentrating on the history of New York State. Here are the notes taken at the time of my visit.

Presentation dinner services awarded to captains of ships that defeated British ships in the 1812 war; and to Mayor William Gaynor on the first anniversary of an assassination attempt on his life, in 1911.

Charles Larned Robinson's apple parer collection - 27 of them!

Chrysler building construction photos - these were taken by the contractor as proof of work progress. The difference between 6/28/1929 and 7/12/1929 is quite impressive - four floors in just a week.

The newspaper section had various front pages, including an 1836 edition that had share prices listed. These were of canal and railroad companies.

River Hudson map - shows views of each side from southern tip of Manhattan to Albany. The Pallisades are shown, dominating the skyline, 'covered with timber', up to 100 feet tall.

There are a lot of paintings. The Peale family, sitting at a table is impressive. The apples and apple peal on the table is a pun on their name. The artist, Charles William Peale (1741-1827), is shown standing, on the left looking over his brother's shoulder, while holding a pallette in his hand. His wife died before the painting was finished and she is shown with their two young daughters, who also died young.

William Trost Richards (1833-1905) painted a very detailed forest scene "June Woods (Germantown) 1864". This Germantown being his home in Pennsylvania.

Robert Havell, jr., (1783-1878) painted the birds in Audobon's Birds of America. His View of the Hudson River from near Sing Sing, New York, circa 1850, was painted from his hilltop house, Rocky Mount. He also lived in Tarrytown and his View of the Hudson River from Tarrytown Heights (circa 1843) is similar.

The New York Historical Society Museum can be found at 170 Central Park West, and costs ten dollars to get in. It is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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