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Jul 19, 07 04:23 PM
Submitted by shannon:

Visiting Canada

When visiting Canada from the States the first thing you should do is to be sure you have all the correct documents since the rules keep changing about crossing the boarder. Before going be sure to search on line for things to do outside the torrist traps. Vancouver Canada is beautiful. Is it ideal to visit in the spring when everything is in bloom. There are beautiful gardens to tour and amazing areas to hike. Whistler Mountain is a must. The drive up the mountain is wonderful and it is the be the home of a future winter Olympics. Take a quick trip to Grouse Mountain to see a breath taking mountain top view. Grouse is only about 15 min. from downtown. Stanley Park is a great park to visit at sunset. The water is great and you can watch the cruise ships on their way to Alaska as they drift into the sunset. You are sure to enjoy a trip to Vancouver.


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