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Jul 19, 07 04:23 PM
Submitted by Kimberly Wilson:

All-inclusive resorts

My husband and I went to the Dominican Republic two years ago. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort. Many islands in the Caribbean have these resorts, and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience. An all-inclusive resort is paid in full upfront. Once you arrive at the resort, everything is included. This means you do not have to carry your wallet around. There are usually multiple types of restaurants, from buffet to formal dinning. All the drinks from the many different bars are included in the original price, as well as the food. Even some activities are included. If you visit a foreign country, please remember to only drink bottled water. Most all-inclusive resorts offer many bottles of water throughout the grounds (which are also included). I have a very sensitive stomach, and my body did not handle some of the local food too well. I recommend bringing some snacks in your suitcase (for example: saltines, graham crackers, peanut butter). This will help ease your stomach into the local cuisine, if any problems should occur. But the most important factor when on a vacation is to remember to have fun!


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