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Jul 14, 07 01:28 PM
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Everyone needs a vacation. Be it a day or days time. It helps us to revive our spirits and also it helps us to gain some most valuable and memorable moments with our dear ones. So, to make sure that we get the most from our vacation we have some tips for you.

Most important is LUGGAGE.

Make sure that you do not carry loads and burden yourself. Second know the route of your vacation. Make sure that it is very affordable so that it will not leave you in tension about the money you spend for your vacation. Choose like minded people and make sure that all of them are interested to visit that place. Try your best not to discuss about issues. If possible get some surprises to others to make it most memorable. If you are going with children select safe places to visit. Make sure that the monsoon suits the place you visit.

Make sure that you do not have any water, food or saniutary problems in the area you visit. Most importantly so not carry cash or valuables with you. Instead, carry plastic cash. Avoid going to places that are solitary and make sure that you are reachable through wire so that you can call others in emergency.


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