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Jul 14, 07 02:02 PM
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Puerto Rica South Travel Tips

When looking for warm Puerto Rican weather and relaxation on a modest budget, or attempting to escape from large resorts and densely populated tourist areas look no further than the secluded southern side of Puerto Rico and the small rural towns that line the coast.

Although there may not be as much diversity in food or lodging among smaller towns such as Guayama and Patillas, the beaches prove to be equally charming. With fewer tourists there is more isolated beach for you to meditate and relax on, away from the bustle of the popular cities. Breathtaking scenic mountains lush with verdant foliage surround the area.

Expect meals to be simple and redundant however. Dependence on a few staple foods limits menus to only a few common dishes served everywhere. Don't hope for much variation when eating out. A common dish is a mashed plantain meal called Mufungo. Sea food is consistently fresh and delicious though and can range from Red Snapper to Octopus.

If your looking for a departure from the conventional resorts and clichテゥ Puerto Rican vacation remember the south, a modest but equally charming option.


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