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Hawaiian Island Honeymoon Checklist

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L'amore! You've found the better half of you, the person who makes everything sparkleand shine. Their touch and the light in their eyes set you aglow and you're ready tostart planning your honeymoon.


Like a lot of starry-eyed lovers, you want to spend the first precious moments of your life together in one of the most beautiful and exciting places on Earth, the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii has been hosting the world for a long time and they are really very good at it!

Congratualtions, you're going to love it! Here is a helpful list of things you'll wantto keep in mind as you plan your romantic adventure together. The last thing you want to do is stress about something you forgot to plan when you're supposed to be creating memories that will make you smile for the rest of your life.


Island Honeymoon Packages

The simplest thing to do may be to buy a package deal from a travel agent. It willsave you a lot of time deciding what you'd like to do and all the arrangements will bemade for you. For your first trip to Hawaii, this can be a great way to go.

For those that have been before, you may want to strike out, be a little adventurous and seesomething you won't see from the tourism centers of Hawaii.Your price package should include plane tickets, hotel accommodations, a car rental anddining. Be sure to shop around and compare prices and quality of the package deal.

How do you want to get to the Aloha State? You have a lot of choices. Most peoplearrive via plane at the international airport in Honolulu. Be prepared for a long planeride over thousands of miles of ocean. Hawaii is really out there in the middle of thePacific.

Resist the temptation to take your shoes off, you're feet may swell and youwon't be able to get them back on again. As it is allowed, take a little walk around thecabin to let the blood move through your legs and when you arrive keep in mind that youjust sat for hours. Avoid planning strenuous excursions your first day.

You can also get to Hawaii by a cruise ship, another very popular route taken bytravelers. Cruise ships are all inclusive traveling hotels that shuttle you from oneport-of-call to another. These ships are enormous and bustling with activities, so don'tworry about getting bored between ports. Decadent deserts galore are served after savorydinners every day. There are shows and entertainment, luxurious spas and gorgeous viewsof the ocean. Travel in style and comfort!


Island Accomodations

You will surely be able to find a kind of accommodation to suit your taste in comfortin Hawaii. For all the luxury, special touches and the pampering a new bride could askfor, stay in a luxury hotel or resort. For couples who prefer the comforts of home awayfrom home, rent a condominium or a vacation house.

You can find romance and charm in anyone of hundreds of bed and breakfasts, often in locations that will allow you to viewHawaii as it's residents do. The more adventurous newlyweds can experience the Hawaiianoutdoors by camping out or staying in an RV. Budget minded couples will find great dealsare available at motels and hostels on all the islands.


Hawaiin Dining

You are in for a culinary adventure! There is a lot of really good food to be eaten onthe Hawaiian Islands. From local hole-in-the-wall favorites to premier 5 star restaurantsthat will require a reservation far in advance. You can enjoy native and traditionalcuisine as well as worldwide ethnic favorites, depending on your mood. You may find it'shard to make up your mind!

Finding an atmosphere to suit your taste won't prove difficulteither.One thing you simply must do is catch a luau in the evening. Lu'au means feast inHawaiian and is a traditional way to celebrate occasions. You can expect music, laughterand of course, Hula dancing. Guests are usually given Leis to wear, you may be asked tosit on a mat and be served out of a bowl.

Cocktails or Mai Tais or fruit punch will beserved till the Kalua pork, cooking in it's underground oven, is revealed. Then the festwill start and you can enjoy tasty side dishes to go with your pork, such as baked Kulapotatoes, roasted Maui onion wedges, Haupia with toasted coconut, bread pudding, pineapplecake, and many other buffet style dishes.


Activities and Attractions

The breathtaking scenery of Hawaii is there to be enjoyed everyday because every islandhas its special beauties and features. There is so much to see and do, you may be temptedto fit it all in. Don't forget to take the time to enjoy every moment. Don't try to plantoo much activity into you days. Take your time and savor your time together as a couple.Visit the beach and snorkel in the ocean.

Hike around volcanoes or up to see spectacularwaterfalls on the Big Island. Participate in Polynesian cultural events and visithistoric sites. Tour plantations, museums and galleries. Enjoy the nightlife on Maui andspend some time relaxing in a spa. Best of all, watch the sun set and dream together asyou look at the stars.


Transportation Around the Islands

Have you considered how you are going to get around while you are on the islands andtraveling to enjoy everything Hawaii has to offer you? Just like everything else inHawaii, there is no shortage of options for everyone. Renting a car is probably theeasiest and most convenient way to get around.

Although some may find it is expensive orthey have chosen to plan a vacation that doesn't require a lot of traveling to enjoy theisland. You can also take advantage of many local bus lines, taxis and shuttles that areavailable for tourists and residents alike.For travel between the islands, contact Hawaiian Airlines and Aloha for inter-islandflights.



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