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Hawaiian Vacations - Hawaii The Big Island

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History of Hawaii Island

For history buffs, The Big Hawaiian Island is the place to start an exciting andinteresting vacation. There are more than enough temples, museums, statues, monuments andculture to keep you busy and excited for days! For parents this is a great opportunity toturn a family vacation into a valuable and memorable learning experience that kids willdefinitely remember.



Start at Puuhonua O Honaunau National Historic Park located south of the city of Kona. As a visitor, you will find yourself immersed in the ancient Hawaiian culture. Learnabout the rituals, ceremonies and beliefs they held sacred. Spend a day in the life ofnative Hawaiians before the arrival of western culture.

King Kamehameha I State Monument and Statue is located on the island's northern tip. Here, Hawaii's greatest King was born in 1758, the same year that Halley's Comet appearedin the sky. A powerful omen that seemed to foretell the mighty tasks this man wouldaccomplish in his lifetime.

King Kamehameha managed to unify the waring chiefdoms of theisland of Hawaii by the time Captain Cook arrived from Europe. He then went on to uniteall the islands of Hawaii together into one kingdom before he died. Leaving behind alegacy of unity that stood for nearly two hundred years when the last Hawaiian Queen wasoverthrown.

In Kealakekua Bay, a white obelisk marks the spot where warriors killed the Britishexplorer, Captain Cook in 1779, a year after he became the first explorer to discover theHawaiian Islands. The bay, also home The Marine Life Conservation District, is where thebeautiful water is filled with schools of tropical fish and occasional spinner dolphin.


Hawaiian Volcanoes

Experience the temper of the Hawaiian Goddess Pele first hand at Hawaii VolcanoesNational Park. The massive 500 square mile park offers educational opportunities for theyoung and the old alike, camping, long difficult hikes and shorter, gentle hikes, lodgingas well as other conveniences, and some the most stunning lava viewing on earth.

The BigIsland sits right on top of the Hawaiian hotspot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and asthe Pacific plate moves, new volcanoes are created. Learn more about this interestingphenomenon first hand.


Other Attractions on the Big Island

If active volacanoes spewing molten lava and rich history and culture aren't enough tosatisfy you, there are a myriad of other activies to capture your attention and interesthere on the Big Island. You can't stay in Hawaii and not go snorkeling. The beauty ofthe crystal, tropical waters will draw you in. The shy and riotously colorful fish willkeep you there for hours.

Another well known and well loved attraction is the historic Parker Ranch, a 150,000acre cattle ranch located on rollings hills near Kamuala. You'll experience the modernday lifestyle and the historic aspect of the paniola, the Hawaiian cowboy. Self geuidedtours are available, as is an interesting movie presentation in the museum that is wellstocked with well preserved pieces.


Getting Around the Island

This island lives up to it's name. It's big! You'll want to take into considerationthe actvities and sites you want to see when choosing the best way to get around. Themost convenient thing to do by far, is to rent a car. You'll be able to go anywhere youwant, when you want and it will haul around whatever you think you're going to need. Don't forget all the great souvenirs and unique treasures you'll find along the way.

A lot of visitors also enjoy taking the tour buses to conveniently explore the island. Shuttles and taxis are another effective way of getting around. The Hele-On Bus will alsotake you to and from Kona and Hilo



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