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Florida Keys Back Country Fishing Guide

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Back-Country Fishing in the FL Keys

The Florida Keys are a premier fishing destination. From beginner to Professional fishers prefer these waters for the quality, size and variety of fish they yield. This is the best place for anglers who want to catch a nice quantity of fish on their trip since these waters are chuck full of eager fish.


Fishing here is like lake fishing with its calmer water, making it ideal for beginners as a great place to learn and for experienced fishers who'd like to stick with that they're used to. These waters also afford larger boats than the flats, so you can bring friends and family along.

Your guide will usually supply all the gear you need to get the fish you want. These excursions can often include snorkeling, so you can see the habitat up close and making it a truly entertaining day-long event on the water.


Flats Fishing in Florida

Fishing in the Back Country Flats off of Key West is done by site. The Flats are shallow sandy areas with sea grass or coral on the bottom. It is actually more like hunting than traditional fishing done in rivers and lakes elsewhere and is just as challenging.

The fish in these waters are wary, so a flat boat that is propelled by hand using a long pole is use to navigate. These are typically two person adventures. This new experience will be much more enjoyable if you hire a guide to take you out.

They guide you to the best places to find the kind of fish you are looking for. Fish like Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, Barracudas, Cobia, Redfish and Jacks. You can try hooking fish using fly fishing techniques or spin casting.


Tarpon Fishing

For an angler of any level, Tarpon fishing is the ultimate experience and you are definitely going to want a guide to make sure that the time spent hunting for the monstrous fish is well spent and rewarding.

Not only for the sake of catching the fish of your dreams, but these guys are fierce fighters and you're probably going to end up appreciating having a few extra hands nearby! NO WHERE else can you find a more ideal location that consistently breeds Tarpon of the size and number that you will find in the Florida Keys.

Be prepared, the best Tarpon fishing is done in the very early hours of dawn and the late hours of dusk. This is when you will see the enormous 6 foot long, 150 pound fish in the shallow waters of the flats.


How And Where To Catch Lobsters In The Florida Keys

The Caribbean Spiny Lobster is found in the warm shallow waters in the Florida Keys, making catching it a great recreational activity. It spends the daylight houses hiding from predators and comes out a night for feeding.

Most catching is done during the day so the only way you'll see them is by their long antennae sticking out of their hiding place in the water. Finding the antennae is good news, since they like to hang out in groups.

You can catch the lobsters using variety of methods to suite you. Some dive for them, some stand on the piers or docks and use nets to scoop them up. You must always have a special measuring device on your person at all time to verify that the lobster is big enough to harvest.

You may never use any kind of a device that can harm the lobster when you’re out catching them. Lobsters that are too small must be returned unharmed to the water. You'll also need a saltwater fishing license with a lobster stamp, heavy gloves, a tickle-stick and net or snare, and a catch bag.

You can catch lobster most anywhere in the Florida Keys, except protected sanctuaries and parks. So you'll also need a good Florida Keys Map and a copy of the regulations for lobster fishing.


Florida Keys Campgrounds

After an exhilarating day of fishing in the beautiful waters on the Florida Keys, the best place to stay is right out in the open so you can enjoy its glory by night as well.

The whole spectrum of accommodations is available for campers. The most primitive sites for those that like to be really close to nature and “rough itE as well as the best that luxury RV camping has to offer can be found at numerous campsites scatter all throughout the Florida Keys.

You can camp right on the beach or further inland where pools and in some cases, spas are available.  


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