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Take a Charter Jet to the Virgin Islands?

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Fly Charter To The Virgin Islands

For all the beauty, wonder and luxury the U.S. Virgin Islands have to offer, why spoil it with the hassle of a commercial flight? Luxurious and memorable vacations begin with private charter jets, available through professional companies like Blue Star, Sentient or Jet Network.


Typical clients include celebrities, athletes and other wealthy individuals. But a group of friends or a family that normally flies first class can pitch in together for a charter jet and experience travel the way it was intended.

Standard charter jet service typically includes amenities such as: 24 hour real-time flight tracking, a private charter coordinator, ground transportation, 24/7 concierge service as well as snack and beverages served at your leisure in flight.

Gourmet catering, communications and office tools, as well as everything from an extra pillow, event tickets or dinner reservations are always available at request. You will find your preferences and special needs are always a first consideration.


Caribbean Island Paradise

White sand, crystal water, warm southern sun! All these words conjure images of The Virgin Islands, a piece of Caribbean paradise. Located about 50 miles east of Puerto Rico, this U.S. Territory is made up of 4 main islands: Saint Thomas, Saint John, Saint Croix, and Water Islands, and 50 smaller islands and cays.

Rich in history, architecture, culture, natural wonders and all inclusive accommodations for the modern tourist. You will find any activity from the leisurely to the adventurous to suit your tastes. And for your palate, an entire cadre of dining experiences await you. From fine dining to local restaurants and worldwide menu favorites.


Historical Background

In 1493, Christopher Columbus discovered the islands, first landing on the northern shore of St. Croix, which he named Santa Cruz (Holy Cross). Before the United States purchased the islands for $25 million in 1917, six other flags - Spanish, Dutch, British, French, Knights of Malta and Danish - flew over St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas.

The native language spoken by Virgin Islands residents is English, enhanced with a charming lilt called "calypso." Access to beaches is considered a civil right in this U.S. Territory.


Sustainable Tourism

St. John leads the world in ecotourism resorts. Allowing visitors the life-changing experience of intimate encounters with the natural beauty of the Caribbean, while enjoying comfort and convenience. St. Thomas offers a guided kayak tour through its marine sanctuary and mangrove lagoon, led by experienced naturalists and biologists.

Off the shores of St. Croix, Buck Island offers visitors an unparalleled great snorkeling experience at the only underwater national monument in the U.S. Environmentally-conscious travelers can also enjoy hiking, horseback riding, bike tours, scuba diving and snorkeling.  


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