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Boat Weddings - Getting Married On Catalina Island

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Catalina Island is a piece of Mediterranean charm an hour away by boat from Los Angeles. You will find sunny weather and warm water, coupled with the natural beauty of the preserved landscape (more than 80% of the island is undeveloped) and charming towns. Everything the island has to offer is a well kept secret from most tourists and visitors enjoy the elbow room and relaxed atmosphere.



Catalina Island's Rich History

For more than 7,000 years and longer before the Spaniards began to conquer and occupy the area we now know as California, the island of Catalina was inhabited by several different groups of indigenous peoples. The most recent called their island home Pimu or Pimugna. They lived near the shore, were they found their primary sources of food in the sea and traded soapstone with other groups along the coast. They were destroyed as a people by war, famine or disease when the Spaniards arrived.

Later, after the Mexican government had won independence from Spain, Catalina Island became a haven for merchants trying to smuggle their wares past customs and its hefty tariffs. The only source of revenue for the new government was to tax cargo coming into Monterey on the way down the coast. Smuggler's Cove is named for these traders and their attempts to avoid paying the high duties on their cargo.

The island has also been home to otter hunters, pirates and at one time, monks who tried to establish a mission. By the time the 1900's rolled around, the island was mainly inhabited by cattle herders. The growth of the nearby city of Los Angeles during that time had George Shatto, dreaming of a resort on the island. He bought the land from the Lick Estate, for $200,000 and established the city of Avalon (named after the Avalon of Kind Arthurian fame). Though, he ended up defaulting on his loan.

Next it was owned by Phineas banning who ended up losing it too, after a devastating fire and the lack of tourism during World War I. Finally it came into the hands of William Wrigley Jr. who focused his efforts on preserving and promoting the island by spending millions on attractions and local infrastructure.

William Wrigley's efforts paid off and Catalina Island today is an important tourist destination as well as home to thousands of people.

Boat Weddings On Catalina Island

This small island so rich in history and beauty is also an ideal location and a destination of choice for couples looking for the perfect location to be married. On the island of romance, not only will guests and newlyweds alike love how easy it is to get to Catalina, they've love the large variety of attractions, accommodations and atmosphere of romance.

There are lots of venues available to engaged couples. Boat weddings on Catalina Island, in particular, are becoming very popular. The crystal, sparkling water of Catalina, the serenity and gentle motion of the sea will make the perfect setting for a romantic ceremony. Charter a yacht from your choice of many professional companies for a day or longer.

There are also many wedding planners, florists, caterers, entertainers, photographers and other necessary service available right on the island for convenience.



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